Who Knew?

I’m shocked. Who could have imagined that Donald Trump would be revealed to be a crude, uncouth boor? What a surprise! Personally, I’m flabbergasted. I thought Trump was a saint. I thought the only reason he hadn’t been canonized yet was because he’s still alive.

Donald Trump has been one of the most flamboyant public figures of the last half century. Is anybody really surprised that he makes outrageously offensive remarks when he’s off camera? The people who are suddenly distancing themselves from him and publicly withdrawing their support are surely being somewhat disingenuous.

So Donald Trump is a potty mouth. And?

Anybody who resigns themselves to voting for the lesser of two evils already knows the candidate they’ve chosen is seriously flawed. But they’ve decided his flaws are not as serious, or at least not as dangerous, as his opponent’s flaws.

Is using cude language to express vulgar thoughts really the most egregious offense that, above all others, singularly disqualifies a candidate for office? Is it worse than deliberately putting our national security at risk by consciously flouting the policies put in place to protect it? Is it more serious than using public office for personal gain, destroying evidence during an investigation by the Attorney General, or lying to Congress and to the American people over and over and over and over and over?

I’m not making excuses for Trump. There really is no excuse. But the fact that about half of the people in this country are still willing to vote for him over Hillary Clinton, regardless of his train wreck of a campaign, probably says more about the Hillary than it does about the Donald.

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