Pandora, Peter Pan, & the Pied Piper

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. She was not created as a blessing to man, however, but as a curse. She was beautiful, talented, and charming. At her wedding, Zeus presented her with an exquisite box, with the strict warning that under no circumstances was she ever to open it. She and her husband were very happy, but she was constantly tormented with curiosity about what was in that box. She had promised never to open it, but her curiosity grew and grew. One day, when she was alone, she decided it couldn’t hurt to just peek inside the box. Who would ever know?

So she very carefully raised the lid just enough to peer in — WHAM!!! The lid burst open and a swarm of hideous creatures flew out, and every evil and vileness was unleashed upon the world. She slammed the lid shut, but it was too late. The damage was done. Then a plaintive voice cried out from within the box, whining and begging to be let out. Pandora knew she shouldn’t open it again but, in her womanly weakness, she took pity on the pathetic creature, figuring what difference would it make to let out one more after all the others had already escaped? — especially since it sounded so harmless… So she lifted the lid and let it out. Little did she know, this was the most insidious evil of all — Hope.

Hope is cheap. Hope is easy to conjure up, because people want to believe in it. Hope makes people feel good when things are going from bad to worse. Hope is the tool used by confidence men to dupe people out of their savings, and by false prophets to manipulate the gullible. Even when wielded with the best of intentions, hope is a poor substitute for competence, experience, and a firm grasp of reality. When your boss asks if you can meet an important deadline, does he want to hear you say you hope so? When you take your car in to a mechanic, and ask if he can fix it, do you want to hear him say he hopes so?

Hope is merely wishful thinking. I want more than that from the leader of our nation and the Commander in Chief of the world’s most powerful military. We’re facing threats from terrorist nations who are developing nuclear weapons technology, our borders are eroding, our social security system is going bankrupt, and our national debt is approaching 14 digits. Is hope going to cure that?

Hope is nice. Hope is sweet. But hope is not enough to run a country on. Obama is Peter Pan and the Pied Piper all rolled into one. What America needs a tough leader with a track record, judgment, fortitude, and a keen understanding of economics. We don’t need catchy slogans about hoping for change we can believe in. We need a leader who can deal with reality.

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