I Like Guns – The Musical

Thought you guys might enjoy this.

I did. :)

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A Little Humor…

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Hillary Responds to Criticism for Crying in New Hampshire

[Click here for audio clip]

Hillary Clinton has received both criticism and support for getting choked up in response to a question about “how she does it,” after her humiliating defeat in Iowa and getting smirked at by Fluffy in nationally aired debates. Some say the crack in her brittle facade was a calculated attempt to come off as more “human” by showing her vulnerable side. Others think she was honestly on the verge of tears, out of genuine, unfeigned self-pity. 

Nobody has come right out and asked her, but speculation continues in the media, both within her own party and without. Apparently hoping that addressing the issue will put it to rest, she has finally deigned to respond in this remarkably candid audio clip.

I think that says it all.

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