I Like Guns – The Musical

Thought you guys might enjoy this.

I did. :)

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  1. That was great!! I was out shooting steel silhouettes with night vision on Saturday and Sunday night, it was fun watching the sparks fly on the heads at 200 yards. The best part was the monotonous regularity with which I was getting headshots at that range at night. I did not ever miss, it pays to have good gear! I used an Accuracy International AWP and a DSR-1, for night vision I used an AN/PVS-27.
    I REALLY like guns!

  2. The guy likes guns, but he don’t like that car. I was trying to tell what kind it was with the steering on the right.

  3. Speaking of guns, I just got a suppressor for my one of my .45s, and I must say it totally rocks!! I must get some for the rest of my guns now. Things that go boom are great, things that go boom very quietly are surprisingly satisfying!!!

  4. FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a crazy tea party member. This is a ridiculous “musical”. Even HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL was better!!!

  5. Interesting event happened over the Memorial Day weekend. The new law allowing licensed gun owners to carry weapons in National Parks resulted in one dead Grizzly and two live humans. Apparently in Denali National Park a Grizzly charged a backpacker and the companion of the hiker shot the bear.

    The legalities of what happened have to play out. Law Enforcement has to confirm the self defense part of the story. There is also the interesting situation of it being legal to carry but, not to discharge a weapon.

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