Just for Laughs… (Or is it?)

It’s been a while, I know. I’ll be back…

But, in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this.

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  1. There are three tip-offs that the opinion you are listening to is one from the Left. They are the phrases “environmental concern,” “controlling costs” and the word, “sustainability.”

    Any of these words signal that the speaker has absolutely no idea of how market forces work to insure that the demands of the consumer are met by the producer.

    Mandates are the approved tool for overcoming market forces. Mandates protect the environment, control costs and provide sustainability. Mandates are good. Market forces are bad.

    • It is fun listening to lefties talk about capitalism.
      It’s even better to see what kind of geniuses give Obungler advice:
      look what a great job Larry Summers did for Harvard.
      bye-bye, money!

      • Tuco,

        Great article. That is what you get when you mix Liberals with other people’s money, disaster.

    • Oregon Guy wrote this a long time ago, so don’t know if he’ll see my reply, but I wonder if he noticed that this site’s owner used the word “sustainable” or “sustain” seven times in the very first article that comes up at her home page. Is she guilty of being a closet leftie? I don’t think so. Has she “absolutely no idea of how market forces work”?

      Maybe you’re wrong when you try to judge people with such simplistic opinions. Open your mind, Guy!

  2. Ahhhhh, the invisible hand of “the market”…at this time of year, when many worship their own version of God in their own way, it’s nice to see a select few that continue to worship at the alter of the almighty “market”.

    • The market seems to be making better choices than Obungler!

      • Yet more utter nonsense (and NO facts, of course) from the worshipers at the altar of the “free market”…lol…

  3. Quite a relevant video for these times when the Bolsheviks rule America. I wonder if the Socialists among us can laugh at it too. I doubt it, no sense of humor.

  4. That was pretty funny! Almost as funny as watching Obama getting tooled by the Chinese in Copenhagen!


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