If You Live in Oregon, Check this Out


This YouTube channel will carry the monthly Americans for Prosperity show, broadcast on RVTV in Southern Oregon. The show focuses on issues of concern to Oregonians who believe in limited government and free markets. Each episode will be posted in three parts (YouTube has a 10-minute limit), but clicking “Play All” on a Playlist will play the entire program.

The first episode, which is posted now, is about the recent Federal Court ruling that Measure 37 Waivers are Constitutionally protected contracts that cannot be legislated away by the passage of Measure 49.

The second episode is about an Oregon family’s 17-year battle to restore their property to its original zoning, after it was misclassified as exclusive forest land in the wake of SB 100.

There will be a new episode each month.


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  1. Wow, that is pretty cool!!

  2. In spite of the advice that this was the exclusive concern of the good citizens of Oregon, I watched it all. I disagree; this violation of constitutional rights is an issue of concern to each and every American. To think that this could not happen here in the Missouri Ozarks is unrealistic. Oh the numbers and the courts change but the fundamentals will remain the same. I would suggest that constant vigilance is the only answer.

    Good luck and keep us advised. Good job so far but beware the 9th circuit.


  3. Thank you, Cecil. I agree with you. This can happen anywhere.

    Oregon sees itself as “leading the nation” in land use planning, which means centralized control of all lands, both public and private.

    One can only hope that, where Oregon leads, the other states have too much respect for private property rights to follow. One can only hope.

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