Ron Paul’s Revenge

Don’t invite Ron Paul to your party, unless you want him to tear it apart. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to pull a fast one at the DNC, and do something devious to undermine the rival whom the party picked over her. But she didn’t. She endorsed Obama fully and wholeheartedly, doing her best to reunite a party torn asunder by their bitter rivalry. Would that Ron Paul had such grace. But, like a spoiled child, if he can’t be the nominee, he’ll take his marbles and go hold his own party somewhere else, doing his best to create a distraction from the RNC, siphon off as many votes as he can, and undermine the very party of which he claims to be a member.

Ron Paul used to call himself a Libertarian. I was a Libertarian for 30 years before switching to the Republican Party a couple of months ago. I still believe in the traditional libertarian ideals of individual freedom, individual responsibility, and limited government. The reason I switched parties is because I recognize the practical need to unite with other conservatives to focus all our efforts behind electing the most fiscally conservative candidates, in the interest of reining in the growth of big government and the proliferation of socialist economic policies. In this election, that candidate is John McCain. And I anticipate that it’s going to be a very close race.

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance, never will have a chance, and the only possible effect of his little diversion will be to divide the conservative vote and help get Obama elected. Ron Paul calls himself a Republican. His political positions are far closer to McCain’s than to Obama’s. But Ron Paul doesn’t really care who gets elected to lead our country. All he cares about is the greater glory of Ron Paul. He’s nothing but a narcissist who’s willing to sacrifice the best interests of his party, and his country, to his own personal ego.

This is not a first for him. The Libertarian Party used to be the strongest third party in the country. In 1980, Ed Clarke made a credible run for the presidency and drew a lot of positive attention to the party. The Libertarian Party was gaining momentum and support throughout the nation, until 1988 when Ron Paul single-handedly split the party in two.

The Libertarian Party has always stood for minimal government involvement in people’s private lives. Traditionally it has had a strong pro-choice contingent. But a lot of Libertarians are also pro-life. Some Libertarians uphold the individual rights of women to make their own choices regarding their own bodies and lives. Others believe we must protect the individual rights of the unborn. But the party had never made abortion the core focus of their platform, and rightly so, because there’s little any candidate can actually do about this highly emotional issue. Changing the law would require nothing less than a Constitutional amendment.

But Ron Paul decided to make it a dividing issue for the party. After being chosen as the official Libertarian candidate, he made abortion one of the top planks in his personal platform, referring to himself as a “Pro-Life Libertarian.” That split the party right down the middle. The pro-choice Libertarians felt used and undermined, so they went looking for their own candidate. The candidate they found was Russell Means. Russell Means, IMHO, was simply an opportunist who saw running for president as a good way to get a national venue to highlight his own special interests. The effect was a complete split of the previously united Libertarian Party, over an issue that had never been a dividing issue before. That was, effectively, the end of the Libertarian Party as a viable third party. It never did recover.

Ron Paul must have felt a great sense of power at having been able to divide and conquer an up-and-coming political force in the nation, all by himself. Now he’s looking to do the same thing to the Republican Party. It must be a real rush for Ron Paul to have such power. Too bad for the rest of the Republican Party but, who cares? At least Ron Paul will make a good showing and everybody will know how popular he is. He’s pathetic.

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  1. This should not be a surprise, Ron Paul was never going to support a big government candidate. I think McCain and most Republicans knew he would not endorse the McCain ticket in anyway.

    As for the rest…

    I find the term a “Pro-Life Libertarian” funny. As a Libertarian I can say with absolute certainty there can be no such thing. That is the main difference between a “Traditional Conservative” and a “Libertarian”. Both are small government but the conservatives believe in civil regulations such as anti-gay rights and pro-life, while Libertarians believe in no such regulations.

  2. I thought about the same thing with Hillary and the dems. But the difference is that Hillary and Obama stand for 99 % of the same exact things. John McCain and Ron Paul stand for about 60% of the the same things. He isn’t holding a convention to get votes from anyone. He is no longer seeking the presidency. He is holding a forum for traditional conservative values that a lot of the Republicans no longer stand for. He hasn’t endorsed any third party candidate to siphon votes from John McCain. As far as the libertarian party spIt because of Ron Paul, they nominated Ron Paul to run for the presidency knowing his values. If he chooses to openly tell people that he is pro-life and be honest, I think that is a good thing. I would rather have that then someone who is ambiguous about his positions. If finally bringing out differences between party members split them, then they were a weak party anyway which is doomed for failure. Do you think all Republicans agree with each other on every issue that their nominee is running on? No, but it doesn’t seem to be splitting the party. You shouldn’t blindly follow a party leader, but if your values are 90% the same such as Hillary’s and Obamas, then it is ridiculous to justify disloyalty.

  3. Well, arguing about Ron is fun, but it’s even more fun seeing Joe Biden drunk!

  4. Ron Paul is a moron. Big time!

  5. On social issues i like the lassiefair type of libertarian but THE LOSERTARIANS BEYOND SUCK on national security and for. policy. ISOLAIONISM IS PURE CRAP.

  6. I was arepublican about a decade ago. I didn’t see any differences between the two parties. Just as I don’t see any now both candidates are: going to keep us in Iraq, keep big government, keep the patriot act, enslave our children financially and continue to ruin this country with unsound government policies and interferance. I’ve lived in a socialist country, monarchy, dictatorship, a corrupt “democracy” and the US republic. Our country has been sliping into a socialistic country and noone seems to notice unless they use the constitution as a guideline. In socialist textbooks socialism is characterized as communism (just no killig). IS THAT WHAT PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WANT. What Ron Paul is doing is not for himself but for this country. Do you realize how fragile our liberty is. The founding fathers of this country did… Do you?

  7. Since many Ron Paul supporters view both candidates as equally unworthy, both establishment puppets with little differences where it really counts, neither for real change, there really is no political party to be patriotic to. The Republican Party has veered so far from its original form that Ron Paul should feel no obligation to turn his supporters on to McCain. While the rest of the country is duped by the mainstream media to believe they have a real choice, Ron Paul supporters will stick to their principles.

  8. Where the big differences are between McCain and Obama are in their economic policies. McCain believes in tightening the economy, eliminating earmarks, reducing spending on entitlements, maintaining or expanding tax breaks, allowing drilling off-shore and in ANWR. Obama believes in raising taxes, expanding entitlements, implementing universal health care, imposing more regulatory control over businesses, and increasing the power of unions.

    Which one sounds more like a socialist to you? If Obama wins, our nation’s slide toward socialism will gain more momentum than it has ever had. A vote for Ron Paul is the same as a vote for Obama, because the reality is, if McCain doesn’t win, Obama will. There is no other option.

    I understand and respect (to an extent) your idealism. I used to be an idealist, too. But, practically speaking, by siphoning off votes from the non-socialist candidate, Ron Paul is handing the election over to the socialists.

    After it’s all over, you may be proud to have voted your conscience, but you will have contributed to the expansion of big government, higher taxes, more regulatory control, a stronger stranglehold by unions, increased entitlements, and advanced the socialist cause of redistribution of wealth. How proud are you going to be of that? Or will you just ignore the fact that you helped make it happen?

  9. “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to pull a fast one at the DNC, and do something devious to undermine the rival whom the party picked over her.”

    No, only you guys on the Right were hoping for that. I’ve also heard in other venues that the DNC would be where the Clinton’s would reveal the “fact” that Obama was a Muslim, or Indonesian, or something else that was equally “horrifying”…but that was a bunch of nonsense as well. What a surprise…must you start almost every post of your with a strawman argument NYD??

    “to unite with other conservatives to focus all our efforts behind electing the most fiscally conservative candidates”

    Good luck with that…I haven’t seen one that fit this description on the national scene yet.

    What about Bob Barr?? He’s the real threat to McSame in quite a few states it seems.

    “In 1980, Ed Clarke made a credible run for the presidency”

    1.1% of the vote is “credible”?? John Anderson got six times that amount! BTW, Anderson endorsed Obama this time around.

    “going to keep us in Iraq”

    There couldn’t be more of a difference between Obama & McSame when it comes to Iraq. Heck, McSame isn’t apparently even on board with what the Bush Regime & the Iraqis themselves have endorsed for the future!

    Socialism is *not* communism…I’m simply amazed at how many “conservatives” are still living in the Red Scare of the distant past.

    “McCain believes in tightening the economy”

    Whatever that means… BTW, McSame opposes drilling in the Arctic Refuge as well Obama…it’s McSame’s new running mate that wants to drill there.

    “Obama believes in raising taxes”

    …on the rich…

    “implementing universal health care”

    No, he doesn’t…that’s Hillary. Ah, the “evil scourge” of unions…lol…

  10. How can you blame the conservative for breaking up the party instead of the “liberal republican”?

  11. STOP THE PRESSES! The author (sic) of this article starts with: “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to pull a fast one at the DNC, and do something devious to undermine the rival whom the party picked over her. But she didn’t.” WTF?

    Everybody? Who? No one that I know thought this moronic notion a possibility. “Everybody” in fact knew and expected exactly what happened to happen. Duh. In my opinion, not a chance in the world your theory could have played out, unless photos of Barry’s cocaine use or alleged homosexual encouters were leaked- if they exist.

    Thus, from it’s onset, this article is pointless and meaningless dribble, scribed by some uneducated rube with disdain for Ron Paul and the Constitution. I will file it in the circular file.

  12. Good article NYD, I re-registered as a Republican this year to vote for RP in the AZ primaries. I can’t count the number of times he said he wasn’t going to run as an independent, now, suddenly, it seems he is trying to run as an independent. I am not a McCain fan, but since we are stuck with a two party system, I am stuck voting for him, although, I must say I was planning on pinching my nose shut when I selected him on Nov 4th, with the addition of GOVERNOR Palin to the ticket, someone with actual leadership, and executive experience, I no longer feel I need to hold my nose shut.

    I used to hear quite a few of friends say the same thing about Hillary-funny thing, most of them are Obama supporters, it amazes me how so many on the left conveniently forget their “concerns” when they don’t pan out. I am happy the Clintons behaved themselves, when McCain-Palin win the Whitehouse this year, it will be nice NOT hearing “the Clintons…” for the next 4 years!

  13. As a matter of principle I will vote for the candidate whose principles I believe in- Ron Paul. I have never voted before, because I have never seen a candidate worth voting for before (bear in mind I was not able to vote until the late 90’s due to my age). Thus, for me at least, a vote for Ron Paul is not a vote for Obama because otherwise I would not vote for anyone.

  14. Oh, that pathetic Ron Paul. Always sticking up for the Constitution and voting 30 years in Congress for civil liberties. Boy, is he divisive — always talking about freedom from government tyranny and the 4th Amendment and a sound economy. I hate the way he always just speaks his mind and never changes his views! It’s pathetic!

    Our President of the United States, George W. Bush even said “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

    Boy, that Ron Paul sure is pathetic! And his Campaign for Liberty? Boy, who are all these 100,000 plus people who signed up so far? They should laugh at the Constitution and they are all pathetic too!!!

  15. Re: “On September 1, 2008 at 8:39 pm DJ Said:
    Good article NYD, I re-registered as a Republican this year to vote for RP in the AZ primaries…”

    “DJ” – LIAR. You never registered to vote for “RP.” What a blatant advertisement to try to convince “former” Ron Paul supporters to “switch” over to McCain. Do you think you’re fooling anybody? You can’t even spell Ron Paul’s name out. You are d-u-m-b if you think we can’t see through your transparent trickery.

  16. @blakmira,
    I suggest you get a clue noob. Not only did I RE-REGISTER this year as REPUBLICAN to vote for RP, I donated to his campaign.

    The problem with you RP worshippers, is you do not appear to be smart enough to understand the political system in this country. We are STUCK with a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, if you want to change that, you are going to have to convice a super majority of senators and Congressmen to change-good luck! Since that option is very slim, I suggest you look at another option, affect change from within, hence the reason I RE-REGISTERED Republican, I thought RP had the capability to lead the RNC in a different direction, a better direction, one that conformed with the Constitution.
    Evidently, all the talk RP threw out there was nothing but talk, because he is doing EXACTLY what he said he would not do-not much difference there between him and all the other politicians.

    As far as who you vote for, I could give a rats ass. The only thing that matters to me is that you vote. In time you will quit seeing a country you WANT to see and see the one that is actually there, then you will understand that you have two choices, DEMOCRAT, or REPUBLICAN. The primaries are used to get the candidate that best represents the MAJORITY OF THE PARTY, and hopefully the MAJORITY OF THE PARTY can help convince all the tweeners to vote for their candidate.

    RP has some great ideas, I respect his platform and agree with him about 90% of the time, however, the position that I had, and the the position that the MAJORITY of the Republican party had was different and we got McCain. Had you read my entire post, you would have seen that I do not like John McCain, but unlike you, I understand how our political system works and will be casting my vote for him, with the hope and belief that people like GOVERNOR Sarah Palin and GOVERNOR Bobby Jindal will lead the Republican party in a better direction.

    Regarding “transparent trickery” please tell me what is “transparent” and what is “trickery”, truth is, you are more concerned with being associated with a somewhat popular fringe candidate so you can claim you were an agent of change, fact is you probably don’t even know type of government this country was founded on, yet RP is the ONLY option open to you. As I said, if you want to vote for RP, tis your choice, just vote, that is the important thing. Just remember though, and you can take this to the bank, IF you vote for RP, and McCAin loses, YOU are partially to blame, and when the Obama circus hits the Whitehouse, you better not post anything anywhere on ANY blog bitching about the guy YOU helped get elected.

  17. DJ: You are clueless on many issues.

    No former Ron Paul supporter, after carefully researching Palin’s views on issues, would come to the conclusion that she is anything even close to what Ron Paul represents. She’s pro-mandatory 3 strikes, pro-war on drugs, pro-expanding armed forces, pro-death penalty, strongly opposes replacing oil with alternatives, and cheerleads for the fur industry. A perfect power-hungry politician.

    RP worshippers? Ron Paul is nothing but talk? Yes, I can see how genuine a supporter of his message of liberty and following the Constitution you were. No surprise that you jumped ship like a coward over to a “winning” side.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass either who you vote for and neither does Diebold and ES&S. Ron Paul’s campaign made it clear to me that until we change the election process of electronic voting, our votes don’t count. Continue on with your delusions, then.

  18. Oh, forgot to mention: Sarah Palin’s husband works for BP – that stands for British Petroleum, the multinational oil company.

    Get a clue.

  19. Behold the power of Ron Paul! Still dividing libertarians after all these years, pitting them against one another, even to the point of name-calling. Too bad he couldn’t have been a uniting force, instead of a divisive one, but it’s always easier to tear something apart than it is to build it up (like Ed Clark did).

    I agree with Ron Paul’s policies in many areas, but he is hardly a true libertarian. Young Ron Paulites, who have no historical perspective on what libertarianism really means, tend to think libertarianism means Ron Paulism. I think that’s a real shame. RIP, Libertarian Party.

    It’s time for a reality check. Unless you agree with all of Ron Paul’s positions, you’re still compromising your ideals by supporting him. Yet you badmouth other libertarians for compromising more. But what’s the point of compromise? The point is to actually get something, instead of nothing. Those who are willing to compromise more are trying to keep the country out of the hands of a socialist administration, in the only way possible. What are you getting with your compromise? Nothing. So, unless you agree with Ron Paul on every issue, and feel entitled to moral superiority points for being unwilling to compromise at all, sneering at those who are willing to deal with the reality of our political system is hypocritical.

  20. @BM: You just don’t comprehend what you read do you? As I stated in my prior post, “We are STUCK with a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, if you want to change that, you are going to have to convince a super majority of Senators and Congressmen to change-good luck! Since that option is very slim, I suggest you look at another option, affect change from within,…”

    Are you so wrapped around the RP altar that you can’t comprehend a simple concept like CHANGE FROM WITHIN? If you can’t, there is no difference between you and the Obamaites! That being said, as long as you vote, that is what is important! It is your choice to use your vote to try and stave off a socialist freight train, or you can fuel the socialist fire, again, though, if you “vote your heart” and throw your vote to RP, I better not see a single negative word about the Obama Whitehouse that YOU directly helped win.

    “…until we change the election process of electronic voting, our votes don’t count.”

    So your going to vote for RP even though whom you choose doesn’t matter, because Diebold will choose the winner? Is Diebold in the REPUBLICAN pocket or the DEMOCRAT pocket? Where is your eveidence?

    I do agree with you to an extent, every vote should count and there should be a system of recounting by hand, if there is not, it should not be a valid voting method.

    What difference does it make that GOVERNOR Palin’s husband works for BP? He is also a fisherman.

  21. What does “GOVERNOR Bobby Jindal” have to do with this year’s Presidencial election?? It sure is fun to watch the united “conservative” front in the USA these days…lol…

  22. Ron Paul decision to not support McCain has nothing to do with being a sore loser, but with principle. Why would Ron Paul support someone who is the antithesis to his message of personal/economic freedom and limited government? In fact, the convention of old was not the dog and pony inauguration that it is today, but instead were a time to decide the presidential nominee. For Ron Paul to support McCain would be a complete hypocrisy and Ron Paul is a man of substance that stays with his principles.

  23. I am voting for John McCain. For this reason:
    If Obama wins the Arabs, Muslims, Jihadist, etc. will be celebrating in the streets just like they did on 911.
    In the Muslim world, if your father is Muslim then so are you. Then B. Hussein Obama says that he will get us out of Iraq. They love that too. They see him as a sympathizer. I think this is very dangerous, giving our enemies time to regroup and come back at us. You know they will. This war is not going away ever. They hate us more than we hate them. They may even be bold enough to go after Israel seeing that Obama does not want to fight.

  24. @Tim G, I don’t think anyone implied RP should support McCain. My ony bitch about RP’s actions are tht he said countless times he would not run as an indepednet or a Libertarian because he was a Republican. Now, all of a sudden, he is having his own convention, and either trying to run as an independent or trying to divide the Republican party.

    I want the RNC to embrace the Constitution, NO IRS, NO Federal Reserve etc. but, as I mentioned earlier, we are stuck with a two party system and this makes it very nearly impossible to change the direction of the country from without. Therefore, changing the direction of the party from within is the only other option.

    There are a lot of up and coming Conservatives, GOVERNOR Palin and GOVERNOR Jindal (LA) coupled with a solid message from RP and we have a decent start at bringing the party platform back to the small government, balanced budget party that most of us want it to be.

    I have no idea if you are Libertarian, or if your only reason for supporting RP was his position on the war, and to be honest it doesn’t matter. I just hope you vote.

  25. “In the Muslim world, if your father is Muslim then so are you.”

    To bad that Obama’s father was a confirmed atheist then.

    “This war is not going away ever.”

    Spoken like a true supporter of the war without end that benefits one group & one group only, the military-industrial complex.

    “we have a decent start at bringing the party platform back to the small government, balanced budget party that most of us want it to be.”

    The problem is…the GOP was never this in the first place…check the record…oh, sorry, that would involve embracing facts over ideology…my bad…

  26. “check the record…”

    Can you provide a record to check?

    The comment was been poorly written, my apologies, Conservatives desire small limited government with balanced budgets, we now have a good starting point in which to get there.

    “…oh, sorry, that would involve embracing facts over ideology…”

    Vice you, who embrace whatever Howard Dean e-mails you to embrace? LOL, your quite funny Comrade Guy!

  27. “Can you provide a record to check?”

    Of course, not that you’ll understand or interpret it correctly:

    The last two Presidents to reduce the federal debt as a percentage of GDP (a favorite measure of the GOP)? Clinton & Carter…both Dems.

    Who owns that all that debt?

    Mostly we still owe it to ourselves, but Japan, the UK, & China hold the most of any foreign goverments.

    “we now have a good starting point in which to get there.”

    What “starting point” would that be…the worst starting point in well over 50 years??

  28. The “records” you posted are based on Republican-Democrat party positions. I stipulated CONSERVATIVE. I know this will be difficult for Comrade Guy, but not all Republicans are Conservative, and not all Conservatives are Republican. My posts, simply state that GOVERNOR Palin and GOVERNOR Jindal are Conservatives, RP has a Conservative message, since all are memebers of the Republican party, it gives true Conservatives a chance to gain control of the Republican party over the next few years.

  29. “I stipulated CONSERVATIVE.”

    Your posts “DJ” have now crossed over from the entirely humorous and into the pathetically sad. Reagan and his own VP (& sucessor) were NOT “conservatives”?? That’s the most intellectually dishonest thing that you’ve chosen to post here so far…congrats on that one!

    As I stated before, you guys should be more worried about Barr & not Paul…one of them will be one the ballot this fall & the other won’t!

  30. Reagan was a Conservative, neither Bush is. Both Bushs fall into the Neo-Conservative catergory, which is basically an “old money” solialist, they, just like you want the same thing, One world Goernment, with the seat in the UN. You are reduced to calling me “intellectually dishonest” that shows me you have no REAL argument left.

  31. yochanan, libertarians are not isolationist. We do believe the governments job is to serve AMERICANS however. Therefore foreign policy would be based on what is best for Americans. Obviously that is no isolationism, in fact it is almost opposite in the economy as a libertarian government would not get in the way of Americans doing what is best for them. It would give free trade a whole new meaning. The only things that really change in foreign affairs is less regulations on trade, allowing other people to live as they wish as long as they allow us too, and foreign aid would come from the people who want to send it not from our tax dollars. We would still be involved in the world.

  32. “Reagan was a Conservative”

    Oh, so we’re gonna backpeddle on that one now?? Give me a break “DJ”…you’ve completely twisted yourself into a pretzel on this issue. The fact is that the GOP has not been able to balance the federal budget and/or exhibit REAL fiscal responsibility in a very, very long time (if ever).

    “Both Bushs fall into the Neo-Conservative catergory”

    GHWB was a “neo-conservative”?? That must be news to him.

    “One world Goernment, with the seat in the UN.”

    Enjoy those conspiracy theories…

  33. “GHWB was a “neo-conservative”?? That must be news to him.”

    I doubt it is news to him. Face it Comrade Guy, you don’t know the difference between Conservatives and Neo-Conservatives do you. Reagan WAS a conservative, I have never waivered from that, but you keep spinning!

  34. “Reagan WAS a conservative, I have never waivered from that”

    Except when presented with the FACTS of the fiscal irresponsibility of the GOP & the “conservatives” therein.

    As for “spinning”…your projecting again “DJ”, but what else is new eh?

  35. Why is the problem with Ron Paul when it is the voters who cannot see that he was the one that aligns itself most with the traditional conservative platform?

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