A Conservative Movement in Oregon

Here in Oregon, we have no shortage of liberals. (Heck, you can’t even spit without hittin’ one.) Even in the Republican Party, it seems, many of our elected officials are leaning more and more to the left, thinking that’s where the country is headed so they might as well jump on the train. I don’t refer to these elected officials as leaders, because they aren’t leading, but following the latest trends. Sometimes they look conservative before they’re elected but, once they get to Salem, they start fading to blue. When that happens, we need to uproot them and replace them at the earliest opportunity.

What we need in the Republican Party are strong conservative leaders. Leaders who believe in the time-honored Republican principles of limited government, private property rights, and the free market. Here in Oregon, there’s a PAC that’s promoting strong conservative leadership in our government. The group is called the Conservative Majority Project, and their goal is to restore a conservative majority to the Oregon House of Representatives.

The CMP is a pretty new organization, but they succeeded in raising $45,000 for the Oregon primaries, and used it to back true conservative candidates against “moderate” Republicans. Their current goal is to raise $200,000 to back true conservative Republicans against Democrats in November. They guarantee that they will only support real conservatives. They won’t waste the money contributed by hard-working grass roots supporters on RINOs or politicians who pander to the latest political fad.

To learn more about the Conservative Majority Project, visit their Web site. They also have a blog, where they post the latest news and progress reports.

Remember, in Oregon, you can deduct $50 per person ($100 if married, filing jointly) for political contributions directly from your Oregon state taxes. This is not a deduction that reduces your taxable income, but a credit that reduces your state income tax by the actual amount of the contribution. So it doesn’t cost you anything to contribute.

If you’re an Oregon resident, you can help take back the Republican Party in Oregon and support true conservative leadership in our state government by contributing to the Conservative Majority Project.

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  1. Check out the amazing web ad for Governor Palin. Who is this woman, and why have we not heard more about her?

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