Happy 2nd Amendment Day!

This date will go down in history as the date the Supreme Court finally affirmed the individual right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.

Taken in context, that was clearly the intent of the founding fathers from the beginning. The whole purpose of the Bill of Rights was to protect individual rights from usurpation by the government. However, there are those who disdain individual rights, who trust in the power of government more than in the rights of their fellow citizens. Those people have conducted a long and hard-fought campaign to focus attention exclusively on the clause about a militia, and to interpret that clause as somehow setting the 2nd Amendment apart from the rest of the Bill of Rights and excluding that particular amendment from applying to individuals.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court has now affirmed the intent of our founding fathers that we, the people of the United States of America, do have the individual right to keep and bear arms, and that the government does not have the legitimate power to strip that right from us.

God bless America!

God bless America! The principles of our founding fathers live on.

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  1. I agree that this was a great decision. I was, however, underwhelmed by the revocation of state rights in the matter of application of the death penalty to child rapists.

    This scotus is clearly a mixed bag.

  2. It is a mixed bag indeed but, IMHO, we are fortunate that this case came before them when it did. If Obama should be elected president, you can bet that the justices he will appoint would not uphold the rights of the individual vs. the power of the state.

    That’s one reason it’s so important to make sure Obama is not elected. Scalia, Kennedy, Stevens, and Ginsburg are all likely to retire in the next four years. Whoever appoints their replacements will set the stage for the Supreme Court decisions for the next decade, at least.

    That’s one of the key reasons I’m going to vote for McCain in November. (The other two reasons are economic policy and the war on terrorism.)

  3. […] Supreme Court decision in DC v. Heller came down today. The response from the right is pretty much what you’d expect (”Yeehaw!” *fires gun into air*). However, Radley Balko said the decision, while a […]

  4. I’m quite pleased with this ruling, now we need to go back and look at all the anti-gun rights stuff Obama has done over the years and use it as a whip to get the gun owner pissed off about this guy.
    Look here for a good summary:

  5. Even if this was all he did, it was enough for me to be glad to have supported GWB.

  6. Now if we could only protect the 4th amendment day…

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