Is “I Told You So” Worth the Price?

Romney has gracefully bowed out of the race, explaining that he doesn’t want to divide the party any longer and exhorting us all to unite behind McCain. I regret to see him go. Obviously, I would have preferred for him to be the nominee. (Once again, my record is intact. — Every time I settle on one of the remaining candidates, he’s the next one to drop out.) But it was already clear that McCain was going to win the nomination; so I think Romney did what he needed to do, and I think he did it well.

Nevertheless, a number of conservatives are still planning to vote for the Clintons or Obama. They say it’s because they anticipate the worst, and want the Democrats to take the blame. If you’re one of those people, I have to ask, what exactly is it you want them to take the blame for?

  • For raising taxes to redistribute more wealth from those who earn it to those who don’t?

    Great. They’ll get the blame. You’ll get the bill.
    Is it worth it?

  • For bringing the war back home and fighting the terrorists here instead of there?

    Maybe they’ll be blamed. Or maybe they won’t. They already maintain that the reason the terrorists hate us is because the darned Repbublicans insist on supporting our ally, Isreal, instead of letting the Islamic fanatics destroy it. So, when they bring the troops home, and the terrorists follow, they’ll still blame the Republicans. — Becaues it really is America’s fault that those poor misunderstood terrorists hate us, after all…

  • For universal healthcare?

    Some people will blame them, — like those of us who end up footing the bill for other people’s unhealthy habits, and those who will be compelled by law to buy something they don’t think they need. But others will think it’s great, — the ones who end up getting subsidized by the rest of us. (They vote too, you know.)

  • For more problems with illegal aliens?

    Obviously, the voters don’t really care, since all of the candidates left in the race support the same immigration legislation.

  • For packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices?

    Some people will like it; some people won’t.
    But we’ll all have to live with the consequences.
    Are you OK with that?

Even if the Demos do get the blame, the damage will be done and we’ll be paying the price for years, well beyond the next administration. Is it really worth the price? Conservatives sat out the last election, with the same justification, and all it got us was a Democrat-controlled Congress. What good will it do to turn over the Exectutive Branch as well?

Those who are planning to withhold their votes, or vote for a third party candidate, might as well be voting for the Clintons or Obama, because that’s exactly what the Democrats are counting on. The liberals/Democrats will all rally around whichever socialist wins their nomination. The conservatives/Republicans will be so fragmented that we won’t even present a challenge. That’s the real reason the Domocrats favor McCain. It’s not because they actually support him (he’s diametrically opposed to them on taxes and the war), but because he’s so hated by the conservatives that they know, if he wins the nomination, the Demos won’t have any opposition.

I can relate to the frustration of the people who just want to walk away from this election in disgust, and wash their hands of it. It’s hard to muster the will to fight for a candidate you don’t even believe in. But remember all the federal agencies and presidential appointments. It’s not just the president you’re voting for, it’s which party controls the whole executive branch. If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate, you’re playing right into the Demos’ agenda.

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  1. “Every time I settle on one one of the remaining candidates, he drops out of the race.”

    Maybe you should settle on Hillary then…for the good of the country of course. ;)

    Can’t you tell than McCain and Romney hate each other? He’ll never be on the ticket. My money’s on Huckabee to placate the Religious Right and the South.

    “They already maintain that the reason the terrorists hate us is because the darned Republicans insist on supporting our ally, Israel, instead of letting the Islamic fanatics destroy it.”

    No one is saying that…we just need to be a fairer broker in the peace process over there. Settling that issue is in everyone’s interest.

    “he’s diametrically opposed to them on taxes”

    He didn’t support the Bush tax cuts, just like a lot of Dems didn’t. Let’s not get glossed over by his recent “change of heart”.

  2. He didn’t support the Bush tax cuts intitially, but he did vote to renew them. Neither Clinton nor Obama did. He has a very strong lifetime voting record on reducing taxes and opposing new ones.

    The two issues on which McCain has a consistent record are taxes and terrorism. Republicans should remember that when they consider voting for a Democrat. From my perspective, those are the top two issues in this election.

  3. I agree, and the GOP is goin’ down because of both of them…

  4. McCain is a far better choice than Obama who actually lists head of college newspaper under his life experience. I almost rolled on the floor when I read that. It reminded me of an entry level resume. This is a guy that might be in charge of the US military, but has he ever done anything where he had more than 25 people working for him? Has he ever run a business, been a governor, a mayor, served in the military? He gives a good speech with little or no details just vague generalities about what he plans. Hillary is only a little better. McCain will beat either one of them with ease.

    I didn’t trust Romney not to forget his new found conservative values once elected, so McCain to me seems like a better choice. I was hoping Fred Thompson would win, but it just didn’t work out.

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  6. […] presents Is “I Told You So” Worth the Price? posted at Government is not your […]

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