This Little Girl

will make some lucky man a fine wife someday.

 What a cool kid! — You go, girl!!

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  1. This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while. I hope she earned some range time with that demonstration.

  2. Oh that’s fantastic I misspelled my own name..

  3. Wow, now there’s a slumber party that I don’t want to go to…lol…

    When is that little girl going to find the need to use a military-style assault weapon? Let’s hope that it’s never for her sake.

  4. Fortune favors the prepared mind…

  5. that. is. awesome.

  6. Let’s hope she does not use these skills to take out half her school class.

  7. Exactly…

  8. Kids who have real self-esteem don’t do that sort of thing.

  9. Oh, you silly. If it makes you feel better to think that, by all means, think it.

    You can see this kid’s self-esteem in the confident manner with which she approaches her task. And it isn’t an inflated sense of self-esteem, based on unwarranted praise from doting parents, but the true self-assurance that comes from accomplishment.

    (And if you don’t think that’s an accomplishment, try it yourself sometime. It’s more difficult than you might imagine.)

  10. Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind that what is shown in the video is an accomplishment that even a lot of military people would be envious of, and I don’t mean to try and tell this guy how to raise his own kid.

    The thing is this…just about every kid goes through periods of angst or anger or whatever when growing up…they’re kids. I went thru that. As long as this guy keeps an eye on the guns in his own house, no one will ever end up dead at the local school because his kid decided to settle a grudge with a gun. Too many parents of kids or relatives of parents with kids don’t do that IMO…and that’s how those kids get ahold of guns to bring with them to school.

  11. In my personal opinion, kids who are taught to respect guns from an early age, and are taught firearm safety, are less likely to romanticize guns and think of them as the answer to their social problems. (And I would be very surprised if a father who taught his kid to do this neglected to teach her firearm safety first.)

  12. I forgot to mention earlier that I think that this other comment:
    “Kids who have real self-esteem don’t do that sort of thing.”
    probably means that kids that have real self-esteem don’t shoot up schools, but that guy can defend himself if he wants to I’m sure.

  13. cool, am guessing this is a very self confidant kid who has loving parents who also taught her gun safety.

  14. That wasn’t a function check-BUT-that was still awesome! I remember the pride I felt when my then 3 year old son picked up a Sig P228 frame that I had disassembled and locked a mag in place…:)
    Google TM 9-1005-319-10 for everything you need to know pertaining to maintainence on that weapon.

  15. Well bless that little girl and her parents. See how gleeful she was to accept her daddy’s praise…I love it..

  16. Oh my goodness, you misunderstand me! I was replying on the two prior comments from post-Americans. She certainly has real self-esteem, and her parents clearly love her.

    I even stole it from you.

  17. “Kids who have real self-esteem don’t do that sort of thing.”

    Apologies to Bob for misinterpreting your comment. I just clicked through to your blog, and I see you’re “one of us.” :)
    I totally agree with you.

  18. Dang! You’re fast!

  19. Wow, an almost simultaneus post! Glad we got that cleared up. I guess I’m a little too quick on the draw, getting besieged by all these L’s, you know ;)

  20. Yep!

  21. WOW!! You go girl !! I’m a 30 year old woman and I cant do that !! Keep up the good work !! I’m sure you have made your dad proud !!!!

  22. As I grew up. I received my 1st gun as a Christmas gift at 11 YOA. I shot my 1st one at 9. Most families had weapons in the house. I never hear of a single case where a young person took a firearm to school and had a rampage. When people start to decide who should and shouldn’t have a firearm for sport beyond the current disqualifiers, i.e. Convicted Felon, Violent DV Conviction of Mental stability. Then people will start deciding that you can or cannot have a car, live where you want, work in a field you want. That is a very slippery slope… And all you have to do is look at recent history. Japanese WWII internment camps, segregation, voters laws. As to the weapon being an “Assault” weapon. Military assault weapons are full automatic. That is a civilan semi-auto sport model. Mostly used for target and varmint shooting.

  23. “I never hear of a single case where a young person took a firearm to school and had a rampage.”

    You need to start readings the news my friend. Where do you think those school shooters got those guns?

    “That is a civilan semi-auto sport model.”

    Which can be converted to full-auto I would bet.

  24. Better to know and not need, than need and not know.

    I’m sure she’s had more firearms-safety training than most police officers.

  25. Awesome. Good job on her part, and great job with teaching her both the knowledge and respect for firearms. My daughter is only 5 months. It will be great when I can share my hobbies with her. You are truly blessed.

  26. Great Job! I handle this type of weapon daily, and I can’t even do it quite that fast!

    For those are appalled to see this type of thing coming from a young girl, well, get a grip. There are over 300 MILLION legally owned firearms in this country, and only 204 million motor vehicles as of 2003. In the following year, 29,569 people lost their lives to firearms, according to John Hopkins University. 42,636 people died in motor vehicle accidents according to U.S. DOT NHTSA. So I propose we ban cars first, since they obviously pose more of a threat than firearms. Oh, and let’s not forget, driving is a privelidge, firearms are a right.

    If this logic is wasted on you, then perhaps you are a waste of space and you should forego your consumption of oxygen for the sake of the children.

  27. Thanks for the stats, McGyverMike! This is great data.
    Do you happen to have links? (I’m a data junkie…)

  28. for the total vehicles. Vehicle Fatalities
    John Hopkins on guns

    As for the 300 Million guns, That is the number most often quoted by the NRA, GOA, and the Brady Bunch.

  29. Excellent info. Thanks!

  30. Excellent links indeed.

    I’m sorry, did the cars cause all those people to die or was it something else? “Fifty-five percent of passenger vehicle occupants who died in 2005 were unbelted.”

    So, we’re finally at one gun for every single person in the USA, is that enough now?

    “There are a number of laws and policies that could reduce the movement of guns from the licit to the illicit market. One step would be to improve licensing and oversight of guns dealers.

    Screening of all firearm purchasers would also help. In most states, and under federal law, buying a gun from a private seller (as opposed to a licensed dealer) does not even require a background check.

    Limiting gun purchases to a maximum of one per person per month would also help. Such laws, in effect in three states, make it harder for gun traffickers to buy large numbers of guns at once for resale to criminals.

    High-risk, low-utility firearms such as so-called ‘Saturday night special’ handguns or ‘junk guns’ could be banned.

    Authorities should also trace the source of guns used in crimes. By tracing the source of crime guns back to their first lawful purchaser and the dealer that sold them, law enforcement can identify traffickers and potential problem dealers.

    In New Jersey, prospective gun buyers must undergo an extensive background check by the police, which includes fingerprinting. The authorities retain some discretion to deny a license to persons at risk of misusing firearms. Our research has indicated that such laws, coupled with registration systems, can also reduce interstate gun trafficking.

    laws making it harder for domestic abusers to possess firearms have been shown to save lives, but these laws could be much more effective with better enforcement.”

    Opposed to any of the above? BTW, this is exactly what some of us mean when we say common sense gun laws.

    “states with a higher prevalence of gun ownership have more gun-related deaths. Numerous studies have shown that homes with guns are more likely to experience a suicide of a household member than homes without guns. And a recent National Academy of Sciences report concludes that there is no convincing evidence that laws making it easier to carry concealed weapons in public have reduced violent crime.”

    Amen to that…

  31. No, the cars did not cause the people to die, it was the idiot behind the wheel. Just as the gun did not cause the death, but rather the numnut pulling the trigger.

    Now as for your common sense gun laws to reduce crime: Criminals, by nature, disregard the rule of law. So how exactly do new gun laws help stop crime? JHSU specifically cites the hoops of fire LAW ABIDING CITIZENS of NJ have to jump through to buy a firearm (I Know, I am one of them). NJ has some of the toughest firearms laws in the country, yet it is home to some of the most crime infested cities in the nation. Philadelphia, with even stricter gun control laws, has almost a murder a day, and at least double as many shootings. So let’s ban the Saturday Night Specials, so how expensive must a gun be for it to be legal? $50, $500, $5,000? Now you have just stripped an entire class of economically challenged citizens of the right to defend themselves.

    So what is the solution? How do you end the violence? There is no PC answer. The only answer is the one most people do not want to hear. The only way to remove violence is to respond with overwhelming and decisive violence. Fear is the greatest motivator.

  32. I think alcohol might have had a lot do do with those car fatalities too, but you make my point none-the-less…thanx!

    Either you believe in the rule of law or you don’t…and I don’t separate those two units into “criminals and law-abiding citizens” either. The problem with a lot of the gun lobby is that they don’t believe in the rule of law…as you basically demonstrate above.

    Getting fingerprinted in order to get a gun might be a tad over the line. I had to get fingerprinted just to get a job once, and I felt like a criminal during the entire process (I had done nothing wrong BTW).

    “How do you end the violence?”

    End fear. Do not be afraid…the more afraid that you are, the easier it is for you to be controlled.

  33. Being a person that deals with numbers on a daily basis, I know that numbers can be manipulated to tell two completely different stories. The point made about “states with a higher prevalence of gun ownership have more gun-related deaths” is probably a very true statement. However, the same numbers could be used by a different individual wanting to prove the point that a state with greater gun ownership has a lower percentage of gun-related deaths. Let me show what I am trying to say without really knowing the sources of the original statement..

    State “A” has 10,000 gun owners and saw 100 gun related deaths = 1%
    State “B” has 1,000 gun owners and saw 50 gun related deaths = 5%

    Yes, state “A” saw more gun related deaths, but in terms of percentages state “B” had a higher percentage. My point? When I see numbers of those trying to impose additional gun control I can only believe that there is some manipulated information being handed out to try and win the minds of those not willing to look deeper into the information being provided.

    I’m sure your point on the study about the number of suicide types is correct too. But does that study say anything about total percentages of suicides? I hate to say it, but I have lost two friends to suicide. One by means of a gun and another by hanging. Had the person that killed himself by a gun not had easy access to a firearm would he be here today? Sad to say, but I really doubt it, as he believed that his life was no longer worth living as stated in his note to his family he would have chosen another means to end it. Again with my theory with manipulating, or in this case withholding, data:

    Community “A” a community of 1,000 gun owners had 100 suicides, 10 by means of a gun – 1% suicide rate, and a 1% suicide rate by gun

    Community “B” a community of 100 gun owners had 10 suicides, 1 by means of a gun – 1% suicide rate, and a 1% suicide rate by gun

    Your point of more guns equals more gun suicides is again correct, but the percentages is the same across the board. I once, as part of my thesis in college, stated that a community with more bath tubs had a higher count of cancer than a community with fewer bath tubs. More bath tubs typically means more people. More people means a greater number of people developing cancer. I never said anything about rates, just counts. Percentages are pretty much equal across the board.

    Yes, I am a proud gun owner. I have also gone through all the proper channels of obtaining my guns. I carry a Class III license for purchasing of WWI and WWII relics which was obtained through the ATF. I have a concealed carry permit which was obtained by going through the local and state police departments. I also instill proper gun handling to those that want to become more comfortable around them, as it seems this video of a father and daughter team has done quite well – a bond that will last a lifetime. I also respect those that do not wish to be around guns for whatever their reason may be. This is America, and we all have a right to a choice. That is what makes this country so great.

  34. Isn’t it amazing how the same people who want to put restrictions on the types and numbers of guns one can buy are the same ones that claim to be defenders of free speech?

    How would these people react if someone were to pass a law stating that you couldn’t say anything negative about the government? Or that you can only say something involving politics once a month?

    Unlike the “right to privacy” and the “right to choose”, the right to own guns is spelled out pretty clearly in the Constitution.

  35. Your “common sense” laws sound like leftist tyranny to me. If you are afraid of guns, don’t own one.

  36. I’m not afraid of my own govt., guns, or you JD. Fear does not rule my life at all, and I believe *firmly* in the rule of law.

    “Let me show what I am trying to say without really knowing the sources of the original statement.”

    Read that…let me just talk a lot and make it sound like I know what I am actually talking about. Nice try.

    “Isn’t it amazing how the same people who want to put restrictions on the types and numbers of guns one can buy are the same ones that claim to be defenders of free speech?”

    No rights (assuming you do, in fact, have a Constitutional right to own a gun) are universal. Speech is limited in this country under some very fine circumstances.

    “How would these people react if someone were to pass a law stating that you couldn’t say anything negative about the government?”

    Try and threaten the President and see if you don’t get visited by the Secret Service. I have no problem with that.

    “Unlike the ‘right to privacy’ and the ‘right to choose’, the right to own guns is spelled out pretty clearly in the Constitution.”

    Ah, code words…read that: “I’m opposed to abortion rights for women”. ;)

  37. I have no doubt this girl will grow up to be the most well balanced woman that most of you people would be lucky to meet.

    Good Job, Everything your Mom & Dad are doing is right on track!

  38. I’m glad you’re not afraid of me, you shouldn’t be, but you are afraid of guns whether you admit to it or not. That’s why you want so many “common sense” laws. You probably feel these laws will protect you. The sad fact is they will not. I’m not going to argue with you because it would be a pointless exercise. Like most liberals you are not open to any other point of view.

  39. Don’t project your fear of your fellow man hurting you onto me my friend. Thanx for confirming that you don’t believe in the rule of law BTW. Fear is a common thread that goes thru much of “conservatism” in this country IMO.

  40. I don’t fear my fellow man, but I’m a realist. There are bad people in the world, and depending on the police to protect you from them is foolish. Would you not own a fire extinguisher because the fire department will protect you? My guns are used to punch holes in paper and hunt. Hopefully that will be all they are ever used for, but they are there for protection in an emergency.

    My biggest fear is the current liberal movement. Many of these people will gladly resort to violence against those who do not agree with them. More than a couple of their peaceful protests have turned into violent riots. Please show me the conservative protest that has ended as a riot. Spend some time on Daily Kos or one of the other liberal websites and look at how many of these self proclaimed tolerant, open minded people are wishing for the death of people they disagree with. I just don’t see that level of hate on conservative websites.

    Your political mindset is always just one step away from doing a Maoist style purge of those they disagree with. After all it’s for the greater good and shared prosperity.

  41. Mister Guy, it seems that you are only looking to argue about issues more than carry a civilized debate. I apologize if I have read too much into your posts as it is hard to “read” a person’s true feelings by only analyzing the written word. That is why debates tend to take place face to face.

    But when I read your post that included: “Read that…let me just talk a lot and make it sound like I know what I am actually talking about. Nice try.”

    Wow. Amazing. I was trying to keep an open dialog with you as I feel debates on issues are very important to our great nation. I thought I was doing so in a non-threatening or insulting matter. But then that comment you made has come across, in my opinion, as a way to question my level of intelligence. And it also seems that maybe you didn’t read through my entire post as there were a number of other points that you could have addressed in order to carry on a civilized debate that maybe we all could have learned from.

    I examine and crunch statistical data and demographics for a living. Most of my work has been used to help establish local laws and has also assisted in a number of court cases. I state that to hopefully clarify that I do in fact know what I am talking about when it comes to researching and “crunching” statistical information and how it is used by legislators. I also am very sincere when it comes to posting comments on the internet as I really do like to hear opinions of others and learn from them, and hopefully have them learn from me as well.

    Did I compile numbers related to your earlier statical rant? No. Even if I had begun to compile the facts and figures on my own to make my post fit more appropriately with yours, my information sources could have been completely different then yours making the information conflicting out of the gates – hence my statement about “the source of the original statement”

    With that, if you are a person that would like to debate and learn from one another, then by all means, allow this to continue. If not, then I will be more than happy to leave this here with the ole “we will just have to agree to disagree”.

  42. I’ll admit that my “style” of writing comes off as cold sometimes, but I am just not willing to stand for hollow rhetoric that has no basis in actual fact. I can’t stand ignornance, hypocrisy, or gimmicky wording tricks either. I always read the entire post of what is written, and I respond only to what I need to…no need to clutter up the Internets with too much nonsense IMO. :)

    “I also am very sincere when it comes to posting comments on the Internet as I really do like to hear opinions of others and learn from them, and hopefully have them learn from me as well.”

    We are in agreement there…our nation was founded on good, emotional debate. I love it myself…

    It’s been my feeling for quite a while that “conservatives” in this country are driven by fear and a feeling that human nature is essentially not good. “Cracking the Code” goes into this theory a lil bit:

    No one that I know of is saying that you shouldn’t be able to target shoot, hunt, or keep your gun under your pillow to fight the boogeyman BTW. Don’t be afraid…it’ll be OK. :)

    “I just don’t see that level of hate on conservative websites.”

    I think you need to look around some more…I know of at least one pro-gun website in my own state that’s very violence-orientated. I lot of the bravdo that you see on the Internet from either side is just BS talk IMO.

  43. What is the website?


    If I had a dime for everytime that the people on this website made some thinly-veiled threat at someone, I wouldn’t need a job. They are a mostly scared, angry bunch of people IMO. You could also call them very, very committed right-wingers too.

  45. I checked the website but didn’t see any violent threats against people they disagree with. Are you sure that’s the correct link?

  46. Now, how did I know that you’d say that? ;) Try:

    I would watch for things like “putting my foot on their necks”, “shoving something down their throats”, “you might call that murder”, “provoking a fight”, etc., etc….my buddy “irratablearchitect” is always good for a threat or two or more…mostly because he’s a nutball IMO. Happy reading…

  47. Sorry I actually have to work to support myself, so I didn’t have all day to read every post. I would still say at least 99% are not violent statements.

    Here’s a nice one from the left for you. The funny thing is I don’t hear anyone calling for an apology. From the same guy who called the 911 hijackers brave. Just another peaceful leftist wishing for the death of someone he disagrees with. It’s pretty common these days.

    Bill Maher:
    Why Didn’t Rush Die From Drugs Instead of Heath Ledger?

    Or how about making fun of someone’s father passing away.

    Columnist Ann Coulter should probably not sign up to be a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show anytime soon. Maher writer Chris Kelly took her column on the death and funeral of her father, John Vincent Coulter, and mocked her and the dead man relentlessly on The Huffington Post. He even compared her dead father to Hitler.

  48. Look…people on the Left are generally anti-death penalty, anti-war, pro-gun control, etc., etc.. We don’t blow up federal buildings because of standoffs with religious wackos, and we don’t blow up health clinics because we don’t like what goes on there. You can site this isolated case or that isolated case of what someone *said* to support your bogus claim that the Left is “violent”, but give me a break.

    Well, the 9/11 hijackers may have been deperate and misguided, but they weren’t cowards…they killed themselves for their perverse cause. That’s what Maher was talking about. Your buddy Rush is a complete hypocrite when it comes to drugs, and he knows it. As far Coulter’s concerned, she just makes money being wildly sensational. Britney Spears is more interesting than she is IMO.

  49. Mr. Guy, you’re so silly. Do you really suppose that most of us righties go around blowing up federal buildings and abortion clinics?

    If you do, you must be smoking too much of that wacky-weed that all you liberals smoke… ;)

  50. OK then, tell me who really blew them up then? This ought to be good. I’m not smoking anything BTW…it’s bad for you.

  51. “OK then, tell me who really blew them up then?”

    I don’t know, but it sure wasn’t me.

  52. Nice dodge, but my original point still stands. Some crazies on the Left may *talk* a tough game sometimes, but the crazies on the Right actually *act* on those threats…killing people…there’s a big difference.

  53. to support your bogus claim that the Left is “violent”, but give me a break.

    Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot… I could go on and on, and here at home we have ALF, ELF, the Black Panthers, FALN, Workers’ World Party, Reclaim the Streets, Carnival Against Capitalism, and many more. I just read leftist terror groups are responsible for 75% of terror attacks in the US from the 60s until now.

    Last election we had quite a bit of violent acts committed by local lefties in a near by college town. They caused damage to cars with Republican bumper stickers, stole yard signs, and physically attacked people.

  54. We on the Left in this country are *not* communists, period. I do not condone the ELF at all, but who have they killed? Who have the Reclaim the Streets or the Carnival Against Capitalism people killed?

    “Last election we had quite a bit of violent acts committed by local lefties in a near by college town. They caused damage to cars with Republican bumper stickers, stole yard signs, and physically attacked people.”

    Prove it.

  55. I don’t need to prove anything to you, but here’s another violent lefty planning for violence. I’m glad I don’t live near him.

    You guys on the left are so peaceful….

  56. Again, there’s a difference between *words and actions*, period. The gun-nut website that I linked you too earlier talks in the exact same way about preparing for “what is to come.” Thanx for proving my point…

  57. Funny I didn’t see IED instructions on the “gun-nut” website.

  58. Maybe not, but you will see several different ways advertised to hide a gun in case you “needed it” after a cop pulled you over. Which scenario is more likely to happen in this country?

  59. Wow NotYourDaddy,

    You’ve attracted your vary own GFW

  60. Cute, aren’t they? (But they can be dangerous. — When they attack, they go straight for your 2nd amendment rights….)

  61. Hello and thank you for plugging The Revolution Script. I would just like to clear up a common misconception mentioned by JD Said. I do not provide instructions, nor do I know how to make any explosive devices, improvised or otherwise. I believe what JD is referring to is pictures that I reposted from a WIRED blog’s report on a DHS public conference.

    Hasta Siempre,
    The Red Son

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