Life, Liberty, and Sitcoms

One of the fundamental, inalienable rights guaranteed to every American resident is, apparently, the right to watch television.

The federal government, in its infinite wisdom, has decreed a transition from analog to digital broadcasting.  Anybody who still has an analog television that receives its signal through an antenna, rather than cable or satellite, will have to purchase an analog to digital converter to continue receiving broadcasts after February, 2009. The federal government has set aside $1.5 billion to provide coupons for ADCs to everybody, rich or poor, who still gets their daily TV fix by way of an analog box.

Do you have to be a citizen or legal resident to partake of the government’s largesse? — Apparently not. All the on-line form asks is your name and address and how many coupons you “need.”

Personally, I haven’t owned a television in over 20 years. I can’t stand the noisome things. But I’ll be happy to pay for yours. Well, not happy, exactly, but I don’t really have any choice. After all, isn’t that what taxpayers are for?

(CNN report here.)

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  1. I don’t care whether I’m “entitled” or not … if it ends up that I need one for my old set in the bedroom (great for watching an old VHS I’m home sick from work), I refuse to ask the government for one of their coupons. If I have to get one of the set-top boxes, I’ll pony up the bucks and pay for it myself … it’s not the government’s job to subsidize me because I’m too cheap to replace my bedroom TV … sheeesh!

    What a ridiculous program. I wonder why the gubment doesn’t consider that the federal $ could be better spent on … oh … I don’t know … education? According to our Constitution, they really shouldn’t be in the education business either, so they *really* could shut down the Dept. of Ed and spend that money on …. oh …. I don’t know … finishing the border fence??? Yeah, that’s the ticket. But no one will tell “them” that … and “they” won’t spend the bucks on smart things because that “program” won’t result in more votes …. but y’know, it really probably would in the long run …. sigh

  2. Sounds like someone has a powerful lobby.

  3. Give me a TV coupon or give me death.

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