Give it Up, Mom

Referring back to the video clip in yesterday’s post, this is how I heard Mrs. Clinton’s message. “You kids talk about change. — You don’t even know what you’re talking about. — I’ve been through the Change. I’ve experienced the hot flashes, the mood swings, the night sweats… So don’t tell me about Change!”

The other candidates sat there, quietly enduring the harangue, waiting for it to pass. Fluffy even had a little smirk on his face, like a castigated teenager trying not to crack up because it would only make Mom madder. I kept expecting her to shriek “After all I’ve done for you!” (which was, after all, largely the subtext of her diatribe).

Mrs. Clinton did not come off as the next leader of the free world, or the future Commander in Chief of the world’s most powerful military. She came off as a frazzled mother at the end of her rope. — And, according to Drudge this morning, that may be where she is…

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  1. I’m not going to let name calling deter me from making up my own mind based on the factors that I deem important. I’m mostly interested in a candidate’s platform and that they will fight for the issues I support.

    Current leadership likes to call people “a-holes” and makes reasoned debate comments like “f-you” across the aisle.

    Perhaps “mom” will be a refreshing change from “daddy.”


  2. Interesting that in Cheneys position, he has the guts to speak his mind. You always know where he stands. No double speak, no spinning.

  3. Perception colors everything, doesn’t it Hill? If you don’t like liberal Hillary’s mom-ness you call her names and disparage her for it. You turn her human emotions into a weakness.

    Meanwhile, when on the floor of the Senate, if the conservative Vice President of the United States tells a congressman, “f-you,” you praise him for “speaking his mind.” That’s a big asset!

  4. I find it extremely hard to believe a woman so tough that she didn’t cry over her husbands debauchery, which, incidentally she had known about for years, could be reduced to tears over her social concerns for America. The whole thing was a contrived political skit.

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