Welcome to Government is Not Your Daddy

How much government do we need?

  • We need as much government as is necessary and sufficient to protect our individual rights and freedoms.
  • We don’t need so much government that we expect it to assume our individual responsibilities.

The best solution to most problems is the solution that maximizes individual freedom and individual responsibility. (Wouldn’t it be nice if more people practiced self-control rather than trying to control other people?)

Old-Fashioned Values

  1. Work hard and take pride in your work.
  2. Save money.
  3. Don’t spend what you haven’t earned.
  4. If you incur debt, pay it off promptly.
  5. Expect nothing from others.
  6. Express gratittude toward those who help you and respect toward those you admire.
  7. Flatter no one.
  8. Treat everyone fairly.
  9. Take responsibility for your actions and their consequences.
  10. And get off of my lawn!

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  1. Government is a strange thing indeed.

    I watched a show on TV recently about the annual tradition of issuing a Presidential “pardon” to a turkey on Thanksgiving.

    Did you know that the farm selected prepares thirty turkeys so when the time comes they can pick just the right one? Each one is rubbed by humans several times a day to acclimate them to human contact so there is less chance of an “incident” during the pardon ceremony when the Big Cheese is in attendance. (What could be worse than a turkey flapping its wings in front of the President?)

    As I watched all this hoopla, I began to wonder… What does all of this cost? Is this why we have a federal government? To spend our tax dollars on a symbolic ceremony like this?

    I would say that is MORE government than necessary.

  2. Small government is definitely preferable. Civil liberties are top priority and an overly big government will naturally start to squash those liberties.

  3. very nicely done article, thank you.

  4. im impressed by the accuracy of your writing. keep up that good work.

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